Auditorium Rental

Helen Blackburn Arnold Auditorium

J.R. Arnold High School

550 N. Alf Coleman Road, Panama City Beach, FL 32407

(850) 767-3700

Fax: (850) 236-3068

Please note that availability of the auditorium is limited. School events take priority and we cannot book any events for next school year until all school event needs are set in August.

E-mail Site Leasing Coordinator, Auditorium Manager, Theatre Director, Kathleen McNulty Mann at with your name, contact information, and dates you are interested in to check availability.

The Helen Blackburn Arnold Auditorium is a state of the art theater space that is the largest of it’s kind on Panama City Beach.

Our auditorium features 988 seats in 27 rows.

The use fee for the auditorium is $200 per hour to the School and $60 per hour to the District. This does not include labor fees.

Click below to download the forms needed for facility use.

The auditorium is not officially booked until all required pages are complete, turned in, and approved by the school. The auditorium can not be used without all forms being complete, all policies and procedures being followed, all payments made, and proof of liability insurance provided.

Completed forms should be sent to Arnold High School, ATTN:Auditorium and can be faxed to (850) 236-3068, dropped off or mailed to 550 Alf Coleman Rd., Panama City Beach, FL 32407 or e-mailed to Kathleen McNulty Mann, at

Covid Guidelines

2020-2021 School year


Covid Cleaning Addendum

Facility Use Lease Instructions & Fees

Facility Use Fees Calculator Worksheet (see below under “Important Information” for notes on the labor fees for Arnold’s Auditorium)

Facility Use Standard Lease Agreement

Example Certificate of Insurance for Facility Use Here is a sample of the Certificate of Liability Insurance that is required at least 48 hours in advance of your event. Please note the specific amounts and the wording at the bottom, which must match your certificate.

Overview of Instructions for Leasing of BDS Facilities

Helen Blackburn Arnold Auditorium

Leasing and Use of BDS Facilities: Bay District School Board Policy 6.501 governs the leasing and use of school facilities and property by other organizations under certain defined conditions and with proper procedures, supervision, and documentation.  The school Principal is responsible to enforce School Board policy and has authority to enter into lease agreements with other organizations for use of his /her school facilities.  

User Instructions: (Please follow these steps in sequence.)

  1. Check the school calendar to see if the desired time slot is open.
  2. Review the standard lease agreement and confirm your organization’s willingness and ability to comply with the lease terms and conditions.
  3. Review the example Certificate of Insurance and confirm your organization’s willingness and ability to provide and pay for the required liability insurance coverage.  If you do not know the cost of such insurance, call your insurance carrier and get a quotation.  Note that School Board Policy 6.501 requires LIABILITY INSURANCE COVERAGE IN AT LEAST THE AMOUNT OF $100,000 PER PERSON AND $300,000 PER OCCURRENCE.  It also requires Bay District Schools be named as an additional insured with the specific school / facility listed under “Certificate Holder”.  
  4. Contact the school Leasing Coordinator to confirm the school calendar is open, then jointly define the space and labor requirements for your use / event and estimated attendance.  Identify any risky activities or aspects.
  5. With the school Leasing Coordinator, complete Fees and Labor Calculator Worksheet to calculate fees and labor cost and gate receipts for your use / event.  Confirm your organization’s ability to pay the required fees and labor cost and gate share, if applicable.   The school Principal or designee must approve your event plan, required labor, fees to be charged, and risk assessment and mitigation plan.
  6. If you want to reserve the school facility, fill out the Agreement and pay the non-refundable booking deposit (greater of $250 or 20% of the total lease fee, unless the total lease fee is less than $250 in which case the total lease fee is due at the time of booking).  The booking deposit will be credited toward the school lease fees.
  7. Work with the Auditorium Manager to assign your lease number, sign the Agreement and complete all forms.  Leases must be executed at least 10 days in advance of your use / event.  Your booking and event will be cancelled if your lease is not signed on time.
  8. Provide your Certificate of Insurance to the school Lease Coordinator at least 10 days in advance of your use / event. Your booking and event will be cancelled if your Certificate of Insurance are not submitted on time.  Your lease period cannot extend beyond your insurance validity date.
  9. The Principal has full authority and responsibility for the lease agreements for his school facilities and property, including authority to modify school and district lease fees.  In each such case, the School Board policy requires the Principal to notify the Superintendent in writing about the fee modification and the case justification.  
  10. The school Leasing Coordinator will define any required labor to ensure safety of personnel and proper care and operation of equipment and facilities.  Lessee will be responsible to hire and pay all labor for the use / event.  At the time of payment for the labor, Lessee must provide documentation to the school that the labor has been paid.   
  11. Full payment of the school and district lease fees must be made 10 days in advance of the use / event.  Separate checks must be written to the school and district.
  12. The school and / or district will perform an inspection of the leased space / facilities promptly after the use / event.  Any excessive wear and tear or damages will be charged to the Lessee and paid in full within 10 days of billing.

To check about available dates please contact Arnold High School theatre teacher, Kathleen McNulty at with your name, contact information, and dates you are interested in potentially using the auditorium.

Important Information:

Covid Guidelines

2020-2021 School year

  1. Minimum charge is 2 hours.
  2. At the time of booking the event in the school/facility calendar, a non-refundable deposit must be paid to the school to reserve the space. The booking deposit shall be the greater of $250 per event, the total lease fee (if under $250), or 20% of the total lease fee (if greater than $250). The booking deposit will be credited toward the total fees to be paid to the school. Booking deposits are specific to one calendar time frame.
  3. All fees, labor costs, and gate share must be paid at least 10 days in advance of the event to the school, district, and laborers respectively by separate payments. School payments should be made to the school. District payments should be made to the district.
  4. If full payment and insurance certificate are not received at least 10 days in advance of the event, the lease and event will be cancelled and the booking deposit will be forfeited.
  5. Total chargeable hours on a day shall run continuously from the initial start time until last finish time unless specifically agreed with the Principal. Gaps and breaks in use during the day shall chargeable to the user unless the space can be otherwise be used by the school.
  6. Site Leasing Coordinator/Auditorium Manager and user should complete the calculator worksheet together to define the event conditions, requirements, and timing / duration, along with the associated fees, and labor costs.
  7. If the use of the facility is for a profit-making activity, the organization shall be assessed a fee equal to ten percent (10%) of the gross proceeds or the school fees set forth, whichever is greater.
  8. The use or event will not happen unless the lease is signed, certificate of liability insurance is in hand, and all payments are up to date.
  9. Food, drinks, candy and gum are not permitted in any area of the auditorium at any time. Bottled water is permitted.
  10. Labor Fees: All events in the Helen Blackburn Arnold Auditorium require an Auditorium Manager(s) and Janitor/Cleaning Services. The Auditorium Manager(s) must be present for all set up/load in, and must be the last person out of the space when all clean up for the event is complete and everyone has departed to monitor safety, crowd control, and general theatrical technical needs. Events may require more than one Auditorium Manager depending on the size and nature of th event. Janitorial services are a minimum of one hour and depend on the size of the audience and nature of the event. An estimate will be calculated on an event by event basis; however, if unexpected cleaning requirements arise during the event (such as a larger audience than expected, or excessive clean up needs), additional cost will be incurred. Users may be required to pay for additional estimated labor in advance depending on the nature of the event, including additional staff for crowd control such as security or law enforcement, and/or specialized technicians for certain equipment use. Speak to the auditorium manager to get assistance with labor estimates. Each laborer will require a check be written to them individually, which the Auditorium Manager must make a copy of for school records, before it is given to the laborer.
    1. Auditorium Manager – $27 per hour, per manager (some events will required 2 managers on staff and most events require additional manager hours before and after the event outside of the event times)
    2. Janitor/Cleaning Services – $40 per hour
    3. School Resource Officer or other Officer/Security – Dependent on event needs and service used
    4. Additional technicians – Dependent on event needs and service used
  11. Volunteers (mainly students) may be utilized for additional technical theatre support for your event. Remember this is a school facility and students are there to learn and practice their skills in their own educational environment. They will volunteer under the approval and supervision of the Auditorium Manager. The safety and well being of the students, as well as their instructions for anyone involved in your event, are to be respected. Their educational needs are always our top priority as an educational facility.

Each use will have the following documentation in the lease file:

  • a) Lease log assigning lease number
  • b) Signed lease
  • c) Fee and labor cost calculator worksheet
  • d) Certificate of liability insurance
  • e) Documentation of billings and payments
  • f) Documentation of post-use inspection for damage to the facilities
  • g) Risk assessment form