Audition Information

Auditions for Little Women will be held Tuesday, August 31st immediately after school. Below you will find the audition sides for the Fall 2021 Little Women auditions. Please prepare at least one monologue from the selections below based on a character that you are interested in playing. Memorization is encouraged but not mandatory. We will be looking for your performance to show an understanding of the character and that you have made specific choices in your performance. If you are interested in multiple roles it is not necessary to prepare multiple monologues, however if you feel like preparing another will show off your range as an actor you are welcome to perform an additional side to be performed immediately after your first.

Auditions will be held immediately after school in the theatre building. You will come to the auditorium to sign in and wait for your number to be called. Out of an abundance of caution masks and social distancing will be enforced in the waiting area. The auditions will take place in the acting room once your number is called.

Please make sure to complete the google form below for auditions prior to coming so we can have an idea for how many to expect. If you have a headshot and resume, you may bring those to the audition.

Callbacks will be Thursday September 2nd immediately after school. If you are called back we will email your audition sides for the cold read on Wednesday to give you the day before to get familiar with the material.

Rehearsals will be Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday every week leading up to the show (October 21 – 23). Not everyone will be called to every rehearsal until closer to the show, you will be provided a rehearsal calendar upon being cast. If cast, be prepared to attend the first read through on September 7th, immediately after school in the acting room.

Any questions please reach out to Mrs. Dobos or Mrs. Hatcher. We look forward to seeing all of you at auditions, break a leg!

Audition Sides:


JO MARCH- the second oldest sister. A passionate writer who has no interest in dating. A tomboy. Lives in her stories and her sisters. Hates change unless she is invoking it.

This story- it’s one of my best! (She pulls out her story and reads) “It’s a mean and stormy night. The moors are bleak and bloody. Thunder claps, Lighting strikes! The fair Clarissa- her clothes in disarray, races across the wild, coastal heath. She stops, she runs. Will she escape? Will she be caught? With bold determination, the villainous aristocrat, Braxton Prendergast, lurches for her! There’s no escape, so she turns to fight him! Keep away from me you wretch!

MARMEE – The mother of the four girls. Compassionate. Sweet. Strong but sad.

Don’t think so much of me, Jo. I never dreamed that I would know sorrow such as this. But we’ve got to learn something from her. Let her example inspire us to do better- be better. How can we give her any less? You must not let this defeat you Jo. Fight to keep her within you. She will be a part of all your future days if you let her. You must find the strength to go on. For her.

AMY MARCH – The youngest of the sisters. A little self-focused, but later become sophisticated.

She deserved it! Jo has everything! You should have given me your invitation! Ugh! My time will never come! I’m always forgotten! I’m always last! I’m never invited anywhere, and I have nothing special to offer. I want to experience culture- see the world! But I’m always stuck at home cause I’m the youngest. Well, I’m tired of it! I want to live!

BETH MARCH- The third sister. The most sweet and quiet of the group. Very demure and kind. Gets sick.

Jo, I have something for you. Marmee says this shell is over a thousand years old. If you put it to your ear, it talks to you. It says, “We grow up too fast.” You’re a woman of the world now Jo. I am so proud of you. Can I tell you a secret? I never made plans about what I would do when I grew up. And I’m not afraid to die. The hardest part Jo, is leaving you.

MEG MARCH- The oldest and most romantic sister. Very vain but still looks out for others.

I hate being a governess. It’s not fair some girls have pretty things while we have nothing. I want to go to wonderful parties and meet eligible young men. Not be stuck at a house watching children all day. I want to go to a ball. But what would I do if someone asks me to dance? I don’t know how! What if I stepped on their foot! Oh I simply couldn’t bare the humiliation!

AUNT MARCH – The aunt to the four March girls. She is very wealthy, snobby and proper. Tries to make Jo behave more like a woman.

Josephine! Look at you! You go about writing senseless stories, constantly trying to save the world – and you can’t save yourself! There are many pitfalls a girl can fall into Josephine, and you are heading towards all of them! I want to see you shine. Even if you’re not rich- you can at least marry well. And don’t you dare say that you won’t marry. All girls marry.


LAURIE LAURENCE- The next door neighbor boy yearns for friends and has a crush on Jo.

I’m Theodore Laurence the Third. But everyone calls me Laurie. I’ve come to live here. In Concord. I play the piccolo. I can sleep standing up. And I won a medal at school for holding my breath nearly three minutes before passing out. I just wanted to stop by and let you know that I now live with my grandfather, and if you ever seek a fifth playmate, I have plenty of time and no acquaintances here. Have a pleasant evening.

MR. LAURENCE – Grandfather to Laurie. A stubborn old man who does not want anyone disturbing his peace or filling his grandchild’s head with nonsense.

Ugh! Where is my grandson! The boy’s missed six lessons – fallen behind in all his work. I have strictly forbidden him to associate with this family. Oh. You must be Beth. Laurie said you’re the one who wants to play my priceless piano. It’s out of the question. The piano belonged to my daughter, Laurie’s mother. It’s been locked since she passed away, and that’s how it shall stay…

MR. BROOKE – Laurie’s tutor. He meets and falls in love with Meg. Enlists in the army.

 Meg, I have something to tell you… I’ve enlisted. I couldn’t stand by any longer. Your own father is in the army hospital in Washington. I have friends who will never return. I leave tonight. Meg… Margaret, I’m not a rich man, and I’m not particularly handsome. I’m not the wisest man, but I know I love you. Will you wait for me? What I mean is… will you marry me?