Regional 2020

Regional NW Florida

I.T.S. Festival 2020

About Regional:

The safety of our students, troupe directors, guest artists, and their families is our top priority in Florida State Thespians. In this unprecedented time of COVID-19, it is our goal to safely provide quality opportunities for students to remain active in theatre, participate fully in thespian festivals, receive quality assessment from trained professionals, and continue to engage in their arts community. To achieve this, we have developed a plan for all Florida Thespian Festivals in the 2020-2021 season to be Virtual.

To ensure all students receive equal opportunity for Virtual Festivals; to maintain a sense of consistency and continuity; and to help us all navigate this virtual world, we will be offering Regional Virtual Festivals in lieu of District Festivals for the 2020 fall semester. We have split the state into four Regions for Florida Thespians.

NW FL Region Festival Dates:

  • Registration & File Upload Window: October 20th- November 20th
  • Festival Dates: December 3-5

Registration Costs:

$50 per participant

*In order to participate in the Regional Festival with our troupe students must be official members of I.T.S. There is a one time induction fee of $35 to become a member. Only new members pay this induction fee, and it’s only once for their entire time in high school. This fee goes directly to the international organization and includes an induction pin for the student and access to online thespian magazines and discussion boards. 


Notable Changes:

  • ALL One Acts and Mainstages that receive a Superior rating will move on to State this year
  • All I.E.s will be uploaded and submitted virtually in advance
  • You will be able to view the videos of all other I.E.s
  • There will be workshops at Regional
  • Our Region includes Districts 1, 12, and 5
  • Our troupe can take up to 8 pieces in each category (each student can still only be in each category once though)
  • Modifications to One Act Rules: One Act Rules
  • IE rule modifications for this year only:
  • Any event that earns a Superior can move on to State


Do we have the right to record our pieces and share them with judges, other thespians, and the public? This is up to the rights holders. Here is a PDF that goes over a lot of this, and lists the licensing companies and what they allow. Certain shows you cannot record ANY part of them, most shows, the license holders have given us permission to use them for ITS. Some have given other permissions such as for full public performances to be recorded. Check to make sure your piece meets the rules and that you do not have to pay a fee to perform it even for Thespians. If you are unsure, call the people who hold the license to the show and ask them. They are eager to help. Virtual Festivals Licensing FAQ

If we are going to be in Regions this year, what happens to our District? Your District remains the same and intact. The difference is, you won’t be attending any District Festivals this year, but rather combining with other Districts to form a Region. Districts will be maintaining their identity throughout the Regional format. 

If the Festivals are Virtual, shouldn’t they be free? Quality adjudication from industry professionals is a standard we wish to maintain. We are still hiring three judges per event “room,” and will also need to cover the cost of the technical development of the programs we are using to create this virtual platform. The cost is a lot lower through than usual and there are obviously no travel expenses. 

How will students do events ‘virtually’? All events this year will be pre-recorded, pre-submitted, and pre-adjudicated. (This will allow us to address any technical issues or upload issues prior to the Regional and State Festivals going “live”). When registering for the festivals, the events will need to be uploaded to our Vimeo account and linked to your registration. (Detailed instructions will be provided when registration opens). This will be the case for all IE’s and One Acts. Mainstages will also be recorded and submitted this year for adjudication. Please stay tuned for some ‘how to’ videos to help with this formatting. 

What is included in a Virtual Regional Festival? Once the festival ‘goes live’ every registered attendee will be able to log-in with their own password and access every submitted event. They can go into every “room” to view everything that was submitted for adjudication for that festival. (That’s a whole lot more content than they would get at a in-person festival!) We are also offering workshops each day. Some workshops will be prerecorded, so students can access them at any time that works for them, (or teachers can use them the week of their festival for class) and some will be LIVE workshops (after school hours and on the weekends). Each evening of the festivals we will have LIVE zoom meetings hosted by each District so students can interact and talk about the work they saw or the workshops they participated in each day, and have some time to see some familiar faces and enjoy each other’s company. 

Are the rules for events changing to fit this format? Yes! The Board of Directors is currently working to adjust the rules so that they not only fit this format, but allow for student success, no matter what their current situation (filming from home, working without access to a stage, etc). We will have a 2020-2021 Rules Addendum available by mid-August. 

If I want to do a One Act and/or Mainstage, is there anything different that we need to be prepared for? Yes. You will want to make sure that you are able to secure “live streaming” rights to the show you select to do. Most licensing companies are offering live streaming now, but make sure before you settle on a show selection. 

What about Showcases? We are doing a Top-Honors Showcase at the end of every Regional Festival. These will be ticketed events, and open to the public. What we are most excited about is the students’ ability to purchase tickets to watch every Regional Top-Honors Showcase if they choose! Festivals are all scheduled for different dates, so we can spend an entire two months celebrating our incredibly talented students in Florida Thespians Regionals! 

How are Scholarships going to work? Each District will handle the District Scholarship Auditions separately from Regional Festivals. Please speak with your District Chair for more details. State Scholarships will work the same as they always have, but with pre-recorded and submitted auditions, the same as all other events. These will be part of the State Registration. 

Will the State Festival be Virtual this year, as well? Yes! We will have more details and information about State along with our Rules Addendum next month after our annual Board Meeting. 

Wait, I have more questions! E-mail your questions to Ms. McNulty, If she cannot answer them she’ll work on finding out an answer for you and will post more FAQs here as answers come.