At Arnold we offer a variety of theatre and dance courses from beginner up to Honors and AP levels.

Here is the Syllabus for each of this year’s theatre classes:


Theatre courses are open to anyone (some require a pre-requisite or teacher approval) and generally require only a small time commitment outside of the classroom, though advanced and technical courses may require more extensive after school participation.

At Arnold we offer:

Acting 1-4 (taken in order)

  • Acting 1: Focused on acting basics such as pantomime, projection, characters, script writing and analysis, and foundations of improv
  • Acting 2-4: Focused on intermediate to advanced acting skill sets and processes, building on the skills from prior acting class and more intense exploration into areas such as acting theory, script analysis, devised theatre, and stage combat

Dance Techniques: Musical Theatre (level 1)

  • Counts as a PE credit waiver course for PE graduation requirement (you still have to take a Personal Fitness class before you graduate, but not a PE)
  • Focused on basics of movement and dance styles related to musical theatre, especially in the area of character development

Musical Theatre 1-3 (pre-req Dance Techniques and then taken in order)

  • Focused on voice, dance, movement, character, and acting, this course combines all elements of theatrical performance.
  • Students will explore performing in various styles, and will develop musical theatre direction and choreography skills as well.
  • Areas explored include research and performance of work from different decades of musical theatre development, character work, and song and script analysis

Theatrical Direction and Stage Management (Pre-req is at least one other theatre course and teacher approval)

  • Help support in level 1 classes through management and directing in the course.
  • ONLY for those who have taken multiple theatre courses and shown leadership abilities.
  • Applications are available at the end of each school year.

Technical Theatre 1-4

  • Costumes, Makeup, and Hair: Focused on designing as well as hands on work in theatrical character creation though costumes, makeup, and hair design, construction, and application.
  • Business of Theatre: Students focus on learning how to manage and run our auditorium space and take on promotional and leadership roles for after school productions. This course requires teacher approval to be in.

AP 3D Studio Art: Theatre (pre-req one prior theatre class and teacher approval)

  • For students serious about exploring theatre as an art form and performance art.
  • No GPA requirement, but each student must primarily do their own individual work, so you must have an individualized academic focus to theatre and an interest in personal theatre and artistic exploration.
  • Acting or technical based students can both be successful and can bring their own unique skills/talents to the course.
  • No AP test, instead you submit a portfolio of photos of your work from throughout the year as your AP Assessment. Over 75% of Arnold Theatre students who take this course earn college credit through AP for it. ALL students earn high school credit for the course.

AP Capstone Program: Two year program that culminates in the award of an AP Capstone designation on the student’s diploma

  • Year 1 – AP Seminar: Combining presentation and public speaking skills with unique and creative approaches to scholarly research materials and literary works, this course is truly an exciting challenge designed for creative problem solvers with an interest in researching, supporting, and defending their ideas. Examination includes presenation and written work.
  • Year 2 – AP Research: Individualized year long research based project (i.e. writing and producing a play about a historical topic). Examination is a research paper and presentation of the project’s process and discoveries.

Dance Choreography & Performance

  • Beginner Dance: Designed for those who have beginner to intermediate experience in dance. No prior dance experience necessary. This course will explore different styles of dance and provide hands on, active training.
  • Advanced Dance: Designed for those who are currently or recently have been in dance training and have a lot of dance experience. This course will push dancers to try new styles and approaches through hands on, active training that extends or supplements what they have learned through private studios.

Dance Celebration: In this course, students of all abilities study dance as an art form in a manner that focuses on dancers’ abilities and challenges preconceptions about “disabilities.” Dancers work collaboratively to adapt physically rigorous dance techniques to fit their own and others’ personal mobilities.