Show Donations

Show Donations

Many people ask why we only take donations at the door for our productions and don’t charge ticket prices when many schools charge $5, $10, or even upwards of $20 for their shows. To answer this there are many responses. At the most basic level we want to serve as big of an audience as possible for each performance, as we share the art from we love so dearly. We want parents, friends, and our school and local community to be able to attend every show without the struggle of paying for a ticket being a burden or a reason not to attend. More than that though is the idea that we believe that the arts are a gift from us to the world around us. We are blessed with a large auditorium with plenty of room for all, and we are group of dedicated students who are eager to share our work, so why not?

In order to make each production available on a “give what you can” policy, we work very hard to fundraise and seek sponsorships throughout the year. Our generous sponsors share our vision for giving the wonder of theatre to our entire community, and believe in the power of the theatre and what it does for us as students and citizens. Your donations at the door support this same cause.  

If you can afford a $5 or even a $20 ticket, consider making that amount your donation, as your way of saying you value what we do too, but even if you can’t give financially, you have the power to spread the word about our shows and our “give what you can” policy. Giving what you can also means encourage others to come see our productions.

Maybe we’ll be the home of the first play that a child gets to see, or a lovely night out for an elderly couple on a fixed income. We hope to be seen as more than just a high school theatre program, and we are happy to serve our community as we give back. Any way you can find to support our program, through your donations, sponsorships, and by spreading the positive word about this show and Arnold Theatre are endlessly appreciated.

We will do our best to return your generosity with quality, beautiful, and moving art.