Newsies December Audition



Tuesday, December 18th

3:15pm in room 3-118 at Arnold



Performances Feb. 26th-March 3rd

Information about our second round of auditions, post Hurricane Michael can be found below.

Sides and audition materials are located at the very bottom of the page.

Several cast/crew members were unable to continue with the show due to relocating or other factors after the storm, so we now have open roles to fill as we move forward with the production to make it the best yet!

Current cast/crew members may choose to re-audition for now open roles if they want to, but are not required to in order to stay in the show.

Each person Auditioning/Interviewing MUST complete the following two forms:

Digital Audition/Interview Form: Google Form Link

Printable Parent/Student Agreement: Updated Newsies Parent & Student Commitment Agreement

Currently Open Performance Roles Include:

Les Jacobs

Davey’s cheeky younger brother, is inspired by the freedom of the newsies and loves their independent lifestyle. A precocious and natural newsie, Les is an intuitive salesboy and a pint-sized charmer. He should present as younger than the other newsies.

Character’s Age: 9 to 13 Vocal Part: Tenor (top: Bb3, bottom: Db3) Dance: Moderate-Heavy

Davey Jacobs

Les’s straight-laced, bright big brother starts selling newspapers to help his family earn a living, but becomes swept up in the fervor of the strike. A leader in his own right who is learning to use his voice to uplift others, Davey is the brains of the resistance.

Character’s Age: 14 to 19 Vocal Part: Tenor (top: A4, bottom: D3) Dance: Heavy

Medda Larkin

Inspired by vaudeville performer Aida Overton Walker, this big-voiced saloon singer and star of the Bowery offers her theater as a safe haven for the newsies. An astute entertainer with great comic delivery, she’s a good friend to Jack and stands firmly behind the newsies in their fight for justice.

Gender: Female       Age: 25 to 45
Vocal range top: E5   Vocal range bottom: F3
Newsies Ensemble (Specifically: Tommy Boy, Jo Jo, Specs, Albert):

Some of these characters are named, some unnamed newsies. Named Newsies ensemble members mostly will be expected to sing and dance. Tap, tumbling, jazz, ballet, or other dance experience is a strong plus. There may also be Newsies “chorus” (those who sing but do not do a significant amount of dance) or Newsies “dancers” (those with specialized dance/tumbling/… skills who do not do a significant amount of singing).

ALL Newsies Character’s Age: 10 to 19 Vocal Part: Tenor (top: G4, bottom: C3) Dance: Varies

Spot Conlon

The proud leader of the Brooklyn newsies, boasts an intimidating reputation surrounded by other Brooklyn newsies.

Character’s Age: 12 to 19 Vocal Part: Tenor (top: G4, bottom: C3) Dance: none-light


The upper-class kid of a publisher who sides with the newsies.

Character’s Age: 12-20 Vocal Part: Speaking Role Dance: none-light


The son of William Randolph Hearst who joins the newsies’ cause.

Character’s Age: 15-25 Vocal Part: Speaking Role Dance: none-light


Assist the Delanceys in roughing up the newsies at the end of Act One.

Age: 12-5 Vocal Part: Speaking Role Dance: light/stage combat


Pulitzer’s bookkeeper, comes up with the ideas to raise the newsies’ price per paper.

Character’s Age: 25-50+ Vocal Part: Speak sings Dance: None-Light


The crooked and sinister warden of The Refuge, a filthy and horrible orphanage, is concerned only with catching enough kids to keep his government checks coming.

Character’s Age: 35-50+


A newspaper customer.

Character’s Age: 14-50+ Vocal Part: Speaking role Dance: None

Governor Teddy Roosevelt

A well-respected lifelong public servant who at the time was governor of New York, inspires Jack to stand up to Pulitzer.

Character’s Age: 40 Vocal Part: Speaking role Dance: None


The audition for performance roles will be a short section of a song from the show (see sides below) and a simple dance we will teach at the audition. If we need or want to see more we may ask you to demonstrate additional abilities, sing selections of other songs from the show, or ask you to read from a scene at your audition.


If you plan to audition for a performance role please be familiar with all of the following selections, but choose to audition with the ONE that you feel best suits your voice, and don’t worry about what character it is for. Remember to audition with confidence, energy, and joy – be your best self, you can do this!


Seize the Day –  lyrics and sheet music

This is the music/video that we will use during the audition


Bottom Line – lyrics and sheet music

This is the music/video that we will use during the audition


Santa Fe – lyrics and sheet music

This is the music/video that we will use during the audition


Thats Rich – lyrics and sheet music

This is the music/video that we will use during the audition


Look these scenes over and be familiar with them. You don’t need to have them memorized but you should be comfortable with them.

Jack Katherine Davey Crutchie Newsies

Wiesel Jack Others Newsies

Medda Jack Davey Les Stage Manager Newsies

Crutchie Jack Newsies

Currently Open Technical Roles Include:





Support for all technical roles

Descriptions of technical roles and instructions for what to prepare for your technical interview can be found here:



Performances: February 26th-March 3rd

Tentative Rehearsal Calendar: Click Here for TENTATIVE Calendar for Rehearsals

Rehearsals, if you are asked to be a part of this show, will begin January 14th and will run through to the performances the week of February 26th through March 3rd.

Rehearsals will be after school until 5:30pm, and may run as often as 5 days a week. It is most likely that the bulk of rehearsals will be Mondays, Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and Fridays, with Saturday (and/or week days with no school) workdays from time to time. Some roles will not be required at every rehearsal.

Final rehearsals will be the last two weeks of February, followed by a week of performances. You must be available EVERY DAY during these last rehearsals and performances.

A rehearsal schedule will be posted in advance on our website, detailing rehearsals, full day workdays, and performance call times as we go. Check and plan with your personal and family calendar regularly.

$150 Per Person – Production Costs. This year our theatre department has planned some big undertakings and serious learning experiences. We feel confident that this show and will be a huge success; however, we need the help of all cast and crew and their families to make this happen.  All sponsorship and fundraising money always goes towards funding show costs such as costumes, props, set construction materials, lighting equipment, first aid items, makeup, show rights, music/scripts,… though we may also ask students to contribute their own items such as eye makeup or shoes, as needed.

Everyone involved in Newsies on the cast or crew is expected to raise $150 to help support the cost of the show. We know that this show will cost much more than $150 per person; however, past Arnold Theatre fundraising and productions have helped to offset the cost of producing this show. We will collect donations at the door of our performances to help pay any additional bills and work towards paying for the next show. Each cast/crew member who turns in their $150 on time will get a Newsies show shirt! (additional shirts will be available for purchase at a later date)

We feel confident that any student who works hard and puts in the effort should be able to raise the money to meet their goal to participate in whatever they like. Please do not let financial hesitations keep you from participation; however, expectations are set high for students, and as a family you should discuss and prepare for this commitment. We are willing to work with every student if they are willing to put in the work to fundraise. Many of our students pay little to nothing out of pocket, but they do put in the time and effort in fundraising and getting sponsorships to do so.

ALL students are encouraged to begin seeking business sponsors NOW, and can use the sponsorship form on our sponsorship page of this website to ask for support from businesses and family friends.