What to Wear



USE IT!!!!!


On the bus ride days we do not care what you wear as long as it covers what school dress code clothes should cover.


Daytime clothes for State will be non-jean bottoms that are comfortable and workshop ready with troupe and district shirts as assigned each day. Dress for the workshops you plan to attend.

  • School appropriate length shorts and clean tennis shoes are a good choice. You will do a LOT of walking and moving!
  • We discourage you from wearing skirts as they will get in the way in many workshops.
  • If you are going to do a lot of dance and movement then dance/yoga/sweat pants with good coverage that aren’t falling apart are totally appropriate with your troupe/district shirts.
  • If you are competing or auditioning, dress in business professional attire or other appropriate attire for your piece (no ties gentlemen and no scarves or dangly jewelry ladies as these can get in the way and be distracting if you are doing movement) in solids and jewel tones if possible, and bring clothes to change into for workshops/other events.
  • N0 flip flops/sandals unless just wearing them between workshops so you can change into dance/other shoes.
  • No jeans, clothes with holes, tank tops, short shorts, low cut tops, …
  • Dress like every workshop leader, every judge, every single person you meet may one day hire you for a job or help you get into college. Be prepared to do the work in a workshop and dress and behave in a way to reflects you are there to work, have fun learn, respect, and take it seriously.


Business professional attire is the key.

  • You may go up to semi-formal attire; however, it must remain professional as well.
  • Think of everywhere you go at State as going to a job or college interview, especially your evening wear. Present yourself they way you would to a potential college admissions interviewer or someone you would want to hire you.
  • Shorts are not allowed in the evening and dress/skirt length should be close to knee length and/or wear leggings or tights underneath.
  • Short sleeves are fine, but no tiny strap or tube top style tops and no low cut tops are allowed.
  • Clean tennis shoes are fine, but dress shoes are prefered.
  • No flip flops are allowed but dress sandals are okay as long as you can walk a lot in them.
  • We discourage you from wearing high heels, as you will be walking A LOT and climbing a lot of stairs.
  • Here are some examples: