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General Information:

Arnold High School Theatre is a full scale, community service centered, theatre program at Arnold High School in Panama City Beach, Florida. We focus on learning through experience and provide our productions free of charge to our community as a way to share arts opportunities with everyone. For more information about current productions, see our home page. For information about sponsoring our current season please visit the sponsorship page.

Information for Students and Parents about Arnold High School Theatre:

Arnold Theatre has three primary ways for students to get involved. Student’s may participate in one, two, or all three of these areas of involvement and can choose from year to year to be more or less involved based on their individual goals, needs, and time availability. The three areas of involvement and a brief description of each are listed below.

1. Theatre Classes

Here is a link to the course flow chart and course descriptions: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1sNJ0n8Tqj_VO4-2a19u4TGJtMVnnqwwaOagbMqF0faM/edit?usp=sharing

Theatre courses are open to anyone (some require an application/audition/interview/pre-requisite) and require usually only a small time commitment outside of the classroom, though advanced and technical courses may require more extensive after school participation.

At Arnold we offer:

Acting Courses

  • Acting 1 -Acting 4 Honors
  • Improvisation (offered usually every other year)

Musical Theatre Courses

  • Dance Techniques (beginner’s musical theatre)
  • Musical Theatre 1-3

Technical Theatre Courses

  • Design and Production 1-4 Honors
  • Theatrical Direction and Stage Management 1-2 Honors

AP Courses

  • AP 3D Studio Art: Theatre (mix of technical and performance)

2. International Thespian Society (I.T.S.)

International Thespian Society is an honors association for theatre students that is recognized around the globe. The mission of I.T.S. is to honor student excellence in the theatre arts. Members must maintain a 2.0 GPA, excellent school attendance and behavior, and get to earn points towards graduation honor awards through their participation in theatre productions, showcases, and competitions.

I.T.S. Members:

  • Pay dues ($30 one time only)
  • Earn points towards internationally recognized I.T.S. awards for graduation
  • Travel and compete in a District Festival each year (January in Niceville)
  • Must attend meetings, spirit events, and troupe fundraisers
  • Are eligible to attend State Festival (March in Tampa)
  • May participate in competition productions as well as general after school productions
  • May purchase official I.T.S. club shirts and gear and AHS Theatre spirit shirts and gear

3. After School Plays, Improv. Team, & Other Theatre Events

This is participation in what would be considered more traditional Drama Club activities.

ALL students at Arnold are welcome and encouraged to audition for open casting after school productions (usually 2 per year), attend general I.T.S. meetings (to stay updated on info. & socialize), and participate in various after school theatre activities like working tech in the auditorium, Play in a Day, Improv. Team, and theatre social events.

At Arnold high school students who are not I.T.S. members but want to participate in after school theatre activities are often referred to as “Friends of I.T.S.” since the I.T.S. club funds most of these activities. Friends get to enjoy theatre opportunities of a traditional Drama Club.

Friends of I.T.S.:

  • Do not have to pay dues or attend competitions/festivals
  • May attend meetings, spirit events, and fundraisers
  • May audition for school productions and Improv. Team
  • May purchase AHS Theatre spirit shirts and gear


If you have additional questions about getting involved please speak with our Directors Ms. McNulty & Mr. Blanks.

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