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The following calendar are for students to know when Arnold Theatre has rehearsals, events, and other important dates and deadlines scheduled. Please let us know of any mistakes; however, hopefully this will provide a great overview of important information and dates you need to know. We will continue to update this as we go along to cover changes in rehearsal calendars, and additions of workdays, tech events, local events, and fundraisers.

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The following calendar is for students to know when there are technical theatre volunteer opportunities to work in the auditorium or otherwise. In order to volunteer for these events you must sign up in the tech book (the binder with bright flowers on it located in the tech room 3-117) and follow all instructions there.



JULY 24-31 2016


LONDON TRIP JULY 24 enrollment packet


Return the application with a check for $285 made out to DRAGAUD SOJOURNS by December 1 to get started on the monthly payment plan.   It may be possible to add additional participants after December 1st; however, without getting an initial 10 people signed up, we cannot do this.

This deposit is NON-REFUNDABLE and your signature on the application acknowledges that you have read, understand, and agree with all of the information and conditions outlined in this packet.

London Theatre Trip 2016

Ms. McNulty, in coordination with Mrs. Whittaker (theatre teacher at Ft. Walton Beach High School and NWF State College) is arranging a trip to London for the last week of July in 2016 through the student travel agency Dragaud Sojourns.  HOWEVER, this is not a school trip. THIS IS NOT A SCHOOL TRIP! It is open to anyone from anywhere and after the initial deposit collection, payments are made directly to the tour company. Ms. McNulty is a facilitator, not a babysitter or personal chaperone, and if parents are not comfortable with the amount of freedom that minors will be given on the trip then  we suggest you come with them or that you do not sign them up! Remember that anyone can go so older siblings, friends, family members are all welcome. Children who will not be of high school age at the time of the trip are required to have an adult family member attend with them.

Please Read Everything Carefully Before You Sign Up or Give Ms. McNulty a Deposit!

  1. This trip is open to anyone, any age from anywhere.  It does not take place on school time, and is not a school-sanctioned activity.  (Please note the personal responsibility note below).  We offer it to anyone who loves theatre, is interested in travel, and wants to take advantage of group rates.


  1. The payment schedule is clearly stated on the handout, but the $285  non-refundable deposit  is due by DECEMBER 1, 2014 (we will keep enrollment open until May 29, 2015 as long as at least 10 people sign up by December 1st).  Obviously, the later you start payments, the more you will have to pay up front to catch up.  The payment schedule is very clear on the attached application, as is the information regarding cancelations.  Think this trip through thoroughly BEFORE you make a financial commitment.


  1. Although I welcome anyone on this trip, it is recommended for mature and responsible students only.  If there is ANY doubt in your mind, parents, that your child might not be able to handle himself or herself well or navigate the city, DO NOT SIGN HIM/HER UP FOR THIS TRIP!  We have the services of a guide, but no one is going to MAKE them stay with the group and there will be opportunities to explore, dine, and shop in pairs or small groups.  Although the drinking age in London is 18, students under that age will get served, so consider this possibility and have this discussion with your child. If you have concerns, but want your student to participate in this amazing experience, please consider coming along yourself.  Ms. McNulty will be there to assist the students, will go on all of the scheduled activities, and is happy to have your child in her company, but will not follow them around, chase them down, force them to participate, or be a babysitter.  Furthermore, if a participant misses a meeting time/place then he/she will be left behind, or, if he/she misses a ticket distribution or pre-paid event then there is no compensation.  Basically, Ms. McNulty is a facilitator.   If you are uncomfortable with this then once again—come with them or do not sign your child up for this trip!


4.    EVERYONE traveling on this trip will need a passport. Allow 6 months to get it, but we suggest handling that now.

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